Work done by Kevin and Fee Warner

The first photos show what the site looked like when we arrived. The bark chippings, or to name them correctly the 'Play Bark' was dug out of the steps and platform at the top of the steps by Kevin Warner, while Fee Warner went to the Garden Centre, ironically opposite Marc and Gloria's Last Home. Kevin then cleared away as many of the dead leaves from the site, especially from the purple slate chippings that surround the PRS Base. These were then topped up with another bag of Slate Chippings (40mm), this time in 'blue'. The colours are relative and the main 'blue' or 'purple' of the chips shows up better when they are wet. When dry they change to a not unpleasant shade of grey.

Then it was on to painting the steps, viewing platform and the edging across the front of the PRS Memorial. This darkened as it dried and only once it had dried could the steps and viewing platform be topped up with the new 'Play Bark'. We use 'Play Bark' because it does not contain any of the recycled rubbish, which can be found in 'Bark Chips'. 'Play Bark' also contains larger pieces of bark so they are not broken down so quickly. The 'Play Bark' needs to be tipped in, levelled and then, stamped down ready for visitors.

Meanwhile, Fee had cleaned and polished the PRS Memorial, and once the steps were painted and filled she was able to work at cleaning the bronze. This included cleaning out the thick pockets of 'matter' which had been scattered over the bronze and while, after rain, had set into something akin to mortar. You can see some of the greyish chunks as they are washed down the bronze from the top of the head. Even now a few bits remain.

Finally, the work was done, though not quickly enough for us to get stuck in the start of the rush hour of people trying to leave London for the weekend. We now keep our fingers crossed it still looks like that when we return on the 16th September, 2016.

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